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About us

Ningbo Three-Arrow Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd. is a large scale textile enterprise established from the reorganization of three enterprises (Rongwei Textile Co., Ltd., Qidong Xingyu Knitting and Qidong Yongrui Textile) with spinning, knitting and tatting as main activities. Equipped with 200,000 spindles, 100 sets of large round knitting machines and 100 sets of rapier looms, we are a specialized manufacturer of yarns, including 10s to 80s Pure polyester Dahua yarns; 10s to 32s Pure polyester Imitation Dahua yarns; Pure polyester Imitation Dahua yarns, Zhonghua Heather grey yarns and Pure black yarns; moreover, we also produce (Knitted fabric) all kinds of s one-side/double-side knitted Jersey & base fabrics; ( Tatting cloth) all kinds of Flax cloths, Ramie greige cloths and T/C trousering greige cloths, etc.

No.206 Binhai Avenue, Hangzhou
Bay New District, Ningbo, China

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